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Bathyscopes – Underwater Viewing Fun

Plastimo Bathyscope

Plastimo Bathyscope

Treat yourself to a view underneath the surface with this bathyscope made by Plastimo. You will be surprised at how clearly you can view underneath the surface of a pond or lake. Watch the fish swim lazily by or the crawdads zip around in the backwards jerking manner.

This item is a great gift for kids (just make sure they are wearing approved flotation devices). Children will delight in the new underwater world that this underwater viewing bathyscope opens to them. Watch them marvel at the variety and abundance of life in the water. This is the perfect opportunity to teach your children about biology and ecosystems!

Fall is coming and after that – winter, so order now to take advantage of the warmth that remains. If you wait too long, you may have to wait until next year to see the underwater ecosystem for yourself.

This fun underwater viewer and a host of other boating items are available at – your provider of high quality marine products.

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Dock Boxes and Box Tops

Dock BoxWould your dock benefit from a waterproof, durable storage box? With a dock box, you have a great place to store those items that you don’t need when you go out on your boat. Store your skiing gear in the dock box when you go out to fish and store your fishing gear in the dock box when you go out to ski or store your fishing gear and your skiing gear when you take a bunch of relatives out.Dock Box Top

A dock box is a great way to increase the space on your boat without leaving your gear out in the elements and where it can get stolen.

Using a dock box top, you can make even more efficient use of dock space by turning your dock box into a party platform.

Turn the top of your dock box into a party platform with drink holders or a useful fish cleaning/filleting station.

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OceanFare has Facebook & Blog

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Plastimo Products Available at may well be the best place to buy Plastimo marine products. There are several reasons for our claim to this. First of all, we have a large selection of Plastimo products on Secondly, we are known for our top quality customer service and commitment to customer satisfaction. But most important of all – we are the least expensive place. We are constantly looking to reduce costs and as a result we are able to provide the very same products as larger sites but at a more competitive price. And last of all, we have a large selection of Plastimo products for you to choose from. Let’s check out a few of the categories…

Plastimo Liferaft

Plastimo Liferaft

Plastimo Liferaft

The Offshore+ liferaft is designed for bluewater long distance cruising and racing, and is constructed with essential features such as two stacked tubes and a self-erecting canopy, the largest ballast pockets in the Plastimo range (10.9 gal/42 liters) and an insulating foam-coated fabric double floor for hypothermia protection.

Plastimo Professional Bosun's Chair

Plastimo Professional Bosun's Chair

Plastimo Marine Equipment Bosun’s Chair-Professional

Design is identical to “Comfort” model, but with reinforced seams, heavy duty webbing and canvas, and a larger seat.
The wrap-around design provides added comfort and safety, ideal for an extended time aloft.
The Plastimo bosun’s chair folds flat in a pouch which converts into a large tool pocket when the chair is in use. An elasticated band also helps storing smaller tools.

Plastimo Mixer Tap with Long Spout

Plastimo Mixer Tap with Long Spout

Plastimo Mixer Tap with Long Spout

Plastimo sells a variety of boat and yacht fixtures such as this mixer tap. They also have a variety of head (bathroom) fixtures.

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Plastimo Iris 50 Hand-bearing compass with Shell Pack

Plastimo Iris 50 Hand-bearing Compass with Shell-Pack

Plastimo Iris 50 Hand-bearing Compass with Shell-Pack

Iris 50 Hand-bearing Compass with Shell-Pack

This beauty of a compass combines state-of-the-art technology, masterful engineering, and style for an end result that gives you much more than just which direction is north. The Iris 50 compass is clear evidence that a sturdy marine compass no longer needs to look boring or ugly. With it, you’ll have excellent protection against hard knocks. The smooth finish feels soft in your hand, and it will not slip, even if it is wet. And it’s quite user friendly – providing outstanding legibility of the card, with one-degree graduations.

The Iris 50 compass is available in blue, yellow, and olive-green. You’ll have the option to add a teak or PVC holder for your compass.

The Iris 50 provides you with the optimum conditions to take bearings, thanks to the superb card stability and the wide 20° field of view, which will accommodate the toughest sea conditions. Relax, knowing that you have the most accurate bearing.

The Iris 50 compass will take the toughest seas that come your way. Bang it, drop it, soak it – don’t worry, the Iris 50 can handle it. The soft bottom cell is engineered using ultra-sonic welding; it acts like an expansion diaphragm, preventing the formation of bubbles and leaks.

With built-in photoluminescent lighting, the Iris 50 is completely maintenance-free, impervious to corrosion, and operates without batteries or radio-active tritium.

Take your course reading from above the compass. You can read the Iris 50 compass like any compass – there’s no need to look through the prism.

Clearance ±12° – Red lubber lines.
Weight: 105 grams

Click here to be taken to to purchase this compass.